gabbie lenzi littleton

A Gift of Gabbie was born out of a love of good food, family, and graceful hospitality. Drawn like a moth to the flame, Gabbie circled the periphery of the restaurant business for five years through her social media consulting business before finally going to work at the family steakhouse in 2014.

Gabbie is a fourth-generation Chicago restaurateur, working with her family to provide the very best quality food and service. She is passionate about taking care of her guests, upholding her family legacy, and (of course) #thesteaklife.

When Gabbie isn’t at the restaurant, she is cooking for her kids and creating new recipes, or dining out with her foodie husband. She is health conscious, trying to eat light and wholesome with the occasional decadent splurge. She frequently touts balance as the key to enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

You will find many Whole30 and Paleo recipes here, as well as old-fashioned home cooking and lots of Italian comfort foods. Gabbie truly believes that sometimes, you have to use butter and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese is an Italian national treasure.